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You may find some great information on the following websites.




The American Speech–Language–Hearing Association is a professional association for speech–language pathologists, audiologists, and scientists in the United States and internationally. 

Dr. Tina's SLPTalk 


SLPTalk was founded by Tina, the owner of Beyond Words, due to her realization of the limited availability of Chinese resources for Mandarin-speaking communities. In 2017, Tina embarked on a journey to address this scarcity by writing blog articles and providing valuable resources in Mandarin. Her dedication to bridging the gap in knowledge and support for Mandarin speakers has been the driving force behind SLPTalk's establishment.

SLPTalk 是Tina 在2017年時創立的。因為意識到關於語言治療的中文資源很少,所以創立了部落格,並不定時分享中文的語言治療相關資訊。

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The Stuttering Foundation 

Stuttering foundation


The Stuttering Foundation provides great resources and services to support people who stutter and their families. 




The Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) is a nonprofit organization that is led and operated by autistic individuals themselves. ASAN firmly believes in the vision of creating a world where autistic people have equitable access to rights and opportunities. Their mission is to advocate for the empowerment and inclusion of autistic individuals, working towards a society that values and supports their unique strengths and perspectives. ASAN's unwavering dedication to autistic self-advocacy drives their efforts in promoting acceptance, understanding, and meaningful change.

由一群自閉症者為所有自閉症族群自我倡導所創立的非營利組織。ASAN 認為自閉症倡導應是讓所有的自閉症者有相同公平的管道,權利,及機會。

ASAN; autisic self advocacy network
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