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Beyond words

Bilingual Speech Therapy

Beyond Words is a small private practice that services children with a variety of communication disorders and developmental needs in Irvine, and south Orange County areas in California. We provide evidence-based interventions and offer tailored treatment for our children to support their needs at all levels. Additionally, we provide family-centered therapy to support and educate caregivers, enabling them to assist the child on a daily basis for better progress.

Beyond Words 是一個位於南加州爾灣市及周邊南橙縣提供兒童各種溝通障礙及發展需求服務的小型單位。我們依照孩子不同程度的需求,提供實證為本,量身訂製的治療方案。除此之外,我們強調以家庭為中心的介入方法;所以我們會傾力輔導家長和照顧者如何從日常生活中去協助孩子,以達到治療最高成效,讓孩子快速進步成長!

Tina Hsieh, CCC-SLP


Dr. Tina Hsieh,

Hi! I am a ASHA-certified and licensed bilingual speech language pathologist who specialize in pediatric communication needs. I provide virtual and in-person speech and language services. 





Don't know where to start? 

We offer a complimentary 15-20 minute video/phone consultation to answer your questions and walk you through the process!



我們提供免費15-20 分鐘視訊或是電話諮詢,​給予您初步基本建議及回答您可能有的問題。


We provide comprehensive evaluations to address your concerns in all communication areas to determine your child's strengths and needs before we can provide effective treatment. 



We provide one-on-one or group therapy in English or Mandarin in different settings including 

in-home, in-office and tele-health. We provided evidence-based, high quality and personalized therapy to support your family in a fun way! 




We offer center-based 10-15 minutes quick screening for toddlers and preschoolers. The screening helps identify children ages 1:0-6:11 at risk for a language disorder/delay. 

我們提供幼兒及學齡前孩童 (1歲-7歲以下)在校10-15分鐘的篩檢。檢測孩子發展與同齡是否有落差


We offer individual and group workshops to support caregivers, educators, and family members with a range of topics.




Heidi Y. 

Tina is kind, passionate, and professional. She quickly earned my son's trust and heart. He was excited and looked forward to his speech class with Tina every time. We also felt very supported that Tina was always very open and patient to discuss with us about our son when we needed and shared her observation and information. 

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